Homeschool Elementary Collections | PreK – 8


Are you a homeschool parent with multiple elementary-age students? Here is the best value for 2-5 students – giving you access to all of our award-winning STEM content for elementary school – from Early Childhood and PreK content through Grade 8!  This means your students can move forward at their pace for a full year through our wide variety of STEM collections with no extra or hidden fees.

This membership includes the following curriculum collections:

2D Design
3D Design
Answers for Amalie
Coding with Processing
Coding with Kodable
Coding with Micro:Bit
Coding with Scratch
Coding with Scratch Jr. (Grades 3-8)
Computer Music
Computer Skills
CyberSecurity & Digital Citizenship (Grades K-2)
CyberSecurity & Digital Citizenship (Grades 3-5)
CyberSecurity & Digital Citizenship (Grades 6-8)
Data Analysis (Grades K-2)
Data Analysis (Grades 3-5)
Design & Pitch – Round 1 – Middle School Math
Design Thinking
Early Childhood – Ecology: STEM & Bloom
Early Childhood – The Physics Fair
Early Childhood – Wind, Water & Weather
Early Childhood – Sense-Sational STEM!
Environment and Technology
Feeling Fear with The Bug Chicks: Social Emotional Learning
Film & Photography
Financial Literacy (Grade 3-8)
Grab and Go Lessons for Remote Learning
History of Technology
Immersion Learning Adventure Series
Infinite Potential
Innovation Sandbox
Introduction to Computers and Computer Science (Grades K-2)
Introduction to Computers and Computer Science (Grades 3-5)
Introduction to Computers and Computer Science (Grades 6-8)
Introduction to the Fourth Industrial Revolution
ISRI Recycling Activities Collection
Monster Storms
Public Speaking
Robotics with Dash
Robotics with Lego EV3 (Mac)
Robotics with Lego EV3 (Windows)
Robotics with Lego Spike
Robotics with Sphero
Storytelling with Minecraft™
Tectonic Fury
Video Game Design with Bloxels
Video Game Design with Flowlab
Web Development
Wetlands: Race to Restore

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