Immersion Learning – Marine Mammals of the Arctic


Immersion Learning is a collection of 8 Adventure Series designed to help youth succeed in science, math, and literacy while using technology and engineering to explore real-world phenomena. Through engaging hands-on experiences, Immersion Learning takes students around the world from Monterey Bay’s National Marine Sanctuary to the polar extremes of the Arctic and Antarctica to explore the world’s natural resources and the tools and technology scientists use to understand them. Each series includes an expedition overview, hands-on activities, articles, videos, games, and career connections to real scientists and their research. Created for flexibility, Immersion is used in a variety of settings, from informal afterschool, summer camp, or STEM club experiences for middle schoolers to core curricula for elementary.

Dive into Marine Mammals of the Arctic to learn more about beluga whales, ice seals, narwhals, polar bears, and other animals that live in the chilly Arctic. Find out how the Arctic is changing and what you can do to protect theses animals and their ocean home. In this module, you can learn the basics of training beluga whales using positive reinforcement, and watch a beluga perform a high jump.


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