Immersion Learning – Return to Titanic


Immersion Learning is a collection of 8 Adventure Series designed to help youth succeed in science, math, and literacy while using technology and engineering to explore real-world phenomena. Through engaging hands-on experiences, Immersion Learning takes students around the world from Monterey Bay’s National Marine Sanctuary to the polar extremes of the Arctic and Antarctica to explore the world’s natural resources and the tools and technology scientists use to understand them. Each series includes an expedition overview, hands-on activities, articles, videos, games, and career connections to real scientists and their research. Created for flexibility, Immersion is used in a variety of settings, from informal afterschool, summer camp, or STEM club experiences for middle schoolers to core curricula for elementary.

In Return to Titanic, join Dr. Robert Ballard and a team of scientists as they return to the wreck of one of the most famous shipwrecks in history to see how it has changed since it was first discovered.


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