Technology: Advanced STEM: Game Development with Unity


Ever wondered how some of your favorite games are made? Now’s your chance to learn how to program games with one of the industry’s most popular tools; Unity! Gain hands-on experience in the Unity editor as you build your very own 2D or 3D game. Learn about important game development concepts like how to create objects, components, collisions, and more.

Grades: 9-12

Modules Included:
Module 1: Intro to Video Game Design
Module 2: Design Thinking & Game Development
Module 3: Game Objects & Components
Module 4: Scripting
Module 5: Collisions & Triggers
Module 6: Creating Challenge (Lock & Key Puzzles)
Module 7: Creating Challenge (Hazards)
Module 8: Textures, Materials & Animations
Module 9: Game Menus & UI
Module 10: Life Counters & Other Menus
Module 11: Playtesting & Peer Feedback
Module 12: Final Submission

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