Technology: Intro to Coding with Scratch


Developed by MIT, Scratch is an amazing coding platform that allows students to create digital animations and games. In this course, students will learn to code as they create animated characters that really look like they’re moving, scenes and dialogue, and even fully playable games as they explore the creative side of code!

Grades: 3-6

Modules Included:
Module 1: Intro to Coding
Module 2: Getting Started with Scratch
Module 3: Multiple Characters & Scenes
Module 4: Advanced Code Blocks
Module 5: Digital Story Submission
Module 6: Planning & Creating Game Sprites
Module 7: Main Character Movement
Module 8: Enemies & Collectibles
Module 9: New Levels
Module 10: Playtesting & Peer Feedback
Module 11: Final Submission
Module 12: Course Wrap Up


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