Technology: Digital Art & Media: 3D Design with TinkerCad


Explore the world of 3D Design as you discover the fundamentals of this exciting technology. From just getting started to advanced design techniques, students will explore a variety of projects in 3 dimensions designed to test their skills and showcase their creativity!

Grades: 3-8

Modules Included:
Module 1: Let’s Get Started
Module 2: Intro to 3D Design
Module 3: Design Thinking Part 1
Module 4: Intro to TinkerCad
Module 5: Design Thinking Part 2
Module 6: Layered Shapes
Module 7: Hollow Shapes
Module 8: Moving Parts
Module 9: Interlocking Parts
Module 10: Building Your 3D Project
Module 11: Project Feedback
Module 12: Project Resubmission

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