Technology: Video Game Design with MakeCode Arcade


Did you know your favorite video games are built with code? In this course, students will learn to create 5 fully playable video games with MakeCode Arcade, all while learning the fundamentals of code. From retro-style blaster games to a fully functional multi-level platformer, students will explore how to combine creativity and coding to make the next hit video game!

Grades: 9-12

Modules Included:
Module 1: Chase Game
Module 2: Catch Game
Module 3: Blaster Game
Module 4: Maze Game
Module 5: Platformer Game Part 1
Module 6: Platformer Game Part 2
Module 7: Platformer Game Part 3
Module 8: Final Project
Module 9: Playtesting & Peer Feedback
Module 10: Course Wrap Up

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Base Product, Base + Advanced Certificate Add-On