Technology: Robotics with LEGO EV3 (Mac)


Students will learn the fundamentals of coding and robotics with the LEGO Ev3. Students will work through missions and challenges as they learn to troubleshoot their code and discover how coding and robotics are being used across the world!

Grades: 6-8

Modules Included:
Module 1: Intro to Coding & Robotics
Module 2: Intro to EV3 & Moving Straight
Module 3: Turning
Module 4: Medium Motor/Arm
Module 5: Loops, Wait & Brick Light
Module 6: Multitasking & Comments
Module 7: Touch Sensor
Module 8: Ultrasonic Sensor
Module 9: Color Sensor
Module 10: Gyro Sensor
Module 11: Final Challenge
Module 12: Course Wrap Up

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